Rockford-Belvidere Postcards

Rockford-Belvidere Illinois

Liebling Building (a.k.a. Jackson Piano Building) constructed in 1930, Rockford historic landmark since 1997, Original Architect Edward Levin, Original Builder Max Liebling


State Street bridge over Rock River with West downtown skyline


Hutchin’s Block (a.k.a. Lawson’s Art Shop)


National Guard Armory constructed in 1936, Rockford Historic Landmark since 2000, Original Architect Charles Bradley, Original Builder Sjostrom and Sons, Inc.


Rockford Park District Administrative Offices, originally WPA constructed USPS and Federal Courthouse constructed in 1932, Original Architect Peterson and Johnson, Original Builders J. Largura and Co.


Originally Rockford Illustrating Company constructed in 1918, home of 317 Market Street Gallery establishing the original Rockford Art Scene by artist, building owner/developer Deborah Newton


Originally American Insurance Co. constructed in 1904 (Architect Fredrick Headley) with additions in 1923 (Architect Jesse Barloga) and 1950 (Architect Gilbert Johnson)


Daffodil Cottage – one time home of Rockford’s 1st Mayor constructed in 1843 within Rockford Haight Village Historic District


Young Mens Christian Association constructed in 1888-89, Architect Robert Rae



Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, the United States original war memorial building constructed in 1902 and dedicated by then President Theodore Roosevelt, National Register of Historic places since 1976, Architect Charles Bradley/Frank Carpenter, Original Builder W.B.Cook


Rockford Register Gazette tower originally constructed in 1931-32, Architect Jesse Barloga


The Palm Building originally constructed in 1909, Architect Peterson and Johnson


Apollo Theater originally constructed in 1921, Original Architect C.W. Bradley, Original Builder Fred Dixon and Edward B. Glass



Coronado Theater (now incorporates Liebling building for stage and back stage) originally constructed in 1927, Original Architects Frederick Klein – Theater/facility and Edward Paul Lewin – Owner/manager deco apartment, Original Builder Holm-Page, State of Illinois Register of Historic Places since 1979, National Register of Historic places since 1979, Rockford Historic landmark since 1980


Rockford-Belvidere Postcards