Prior Employment

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2005 Beattie Gazebo

Project Manager/designer as employee of Rockford Park District


Beattie Gazebo - Rockford 11 x 14 - acrylic. felt pen. colored pencil
Renovation of the Beattie Park gazebo along the banks of the Rock river. The structure was originally built as a comfort station (restrooms and shelter) and memorial shelter in memory of Mary and Anna Beattie. The renovation replaced the original wood columns with fiberglass ones made by the same company (Hartman-Sanders) over 75 years later.

2004 Rockford Park District

Project Manager/designer as employee of Rockford park District

Relocation of human resources finance and executive staff into the former combined US Post Office and Federal Courthouse building that other administrative Park District department teams already occupied. The Board room opens directly to the original grand post office lobby.

2002 Wynstone Residence

Project Architect/designer as employee of McCormack + Etten/Architects

A large custom residence with high design stylistic exterior detail. The project includes a ½ size basketball court ( for the fatherland daughter weekly games with brother in law and niece) with viewing balcony in addition to its 6 bedroom and grand living areas.

1999-2001 Coronado Theater

Owner’ Project representative as employee of City of Rockford

003-Historic Exterior
Addition and Renovation/Restoration of Nationally Registered theater from original vaudeville stage and movie palace into a contemporary performance venue seating up to 2200. While being the primary contact between the owner (City of Rockford) and the private fund raising entity (Friends of the Coronado), managed design contracts over 20 separate construction contracts. Also managed historic and new furniture and equipment restoration and procurement and designed several custom new, historically appropriate, items of furniture.

1993 Anderson Enterprises

Project/design Architect as employee of PGP Architects

Anderson Enterprises (at Anderson Japenese Gardens) from Southe
Corporate offices of an enterprise owning multiple businesses and operations. The building serves as gate/wall/front of Anderson Gardens, an internationally known Japanese garden.

1992 East Side Center

1992 Project/design Architect as employee of PGP Architects

The original YMCA building (with auditorium, recreation and social room) in Rockford converted to office building was considering an addition. Sketches show alternative elevations in multiple stylistic options – all of which respect the original buildings mass and proportions.  A narrow glass atrium was to ‘bookend’ the original building from the addition.

1991 Memorial Hall

1989-1991 Project/design Architect as employee of PGP Architects

West exterior
The United States very first war memorial ‘building’ dedicated by then president Theodore Roosevelt. Renovations of this 1903 Greek revival structure met US Department of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation and included custom tile design and decorative painting design consistent with that of the original building.

Prior Employment