People and Places I Respect

Creative People I know and like

Brett Newton
Brett is an art director and graphic designer with passion for detail in achieving his client’s strategy and brand.

Deborah Newton
Deborah is an artist painter of feelings and lover of life. She also happens to be my wife.

Pam Kehoe-Peterson
Pam is a custom personalized jewelry artist who includes positive messages with each piece she creates.

Betsy Youngquist
Betsy is an artist using beads intersecting with humans, animals and other creatures great and small.
Betsy and sculptor R. Scott Long often collaborate. Scott’s work is also often of humans as well as other objects.

Tom Heflin 
Tom is a fine artist painter in many styles of both simple and extraordinary people, objects and scenes.

Tom Krawczyk
This Tom is an energy consultant that conducts diagnostic tests and inspections of buildings. He is a HERS (Home energy Rating System) Rater and has taken training as a certified Passive House PHIUS+ Rater – the lowest building energy demand framework on Earth.

Bernard Rosauer
Bernard is a Landscape Architect who splits his time between Glencoe Illinois and Oakhurst, the property he inherited from his parents where he has personally created a redbud nursery near Genoa City, Wisconsin. If you have trouble connecting to Bernard’s website, he may be reached at

Places I know and like (because I know and like the people who created and operate them)

Copies and Prints Plus
Helen Owens, Brett Kaddatz and their staff print everything from architectural drawing prints to signs to promotional material – small and large. They too have the ability to post electronic versions of architectural drawing sets for viewing by anyone knowing the correct username and password.

Aldo Leopold Center
The Aldo Leopold Center is constructed on the site of an 1800 acre former farm in Sand County on the Wisconsin river that Aldo Leopold, one of the first members of the National Park Service and professor at the University of Wisconsin, returned to something akin to its former native state by planting over 3000 pines beginning in the 1935 when he purchased the ‘used up’ farm. The center is headquartered in a net zero energy building that was constructed using on site timber from the trees that Aldo and his wife and five children planted over 70 years prior. It is the first building to be awarded carbon-neutral status by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Sierra Club
The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by legendary conservationist John Muir. John introduced then President Theodore Roosevelt to the Sierra and Yosemite Valley’s in 1902 who in turn established the National Park Service and set aside the first portion of the United States to remain in its natural, God created state. Explore, Enjoy and protect the Planet.

Simple Cafe, Lake Geneva
Simple café believes food can be healthy with familiar ingredients raised by local farmers and prepared in simple ways with a twist. Owners, Lori and Tom Hartz, began their journey to open a local community based restaurant with a reading of Barbara Kingsolver’s book, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.” Tom was and is an Architect before becoming a restauranteur.

Medusa Grill and Bistro, Lake Geneva
Not only do you get to watch owner chef Greg prepare the fresh ingredients on the live video screens above the bar, you get to clean your palette with some very original homemade sorbet flavors. “ Yes the music is load, because that’s the way I like it ” is what was written on the menu chalkboard behind the bar on my first visit…Greg’s personal iPOD classic playlist was clear over the gentle hum of patron and staff voices.

Activities, groups I like

Wisconsin Bicycle Routes 
Bicycle routs throughout the State of Wisconsin

TreadHead Cycling
Bicycling club for all ages and skill levels in the Lake Geneva area

People and Places I Respect