Owner’s Project Representative

Process (Owner’s Representative – Project Manager)
There is no definitive standard of responsibilities of a project manager. Generally the purpose is as titled – to ‘manage a project’ from some starting point to some ending point. I am able manage all aspects of a project from concept to completion or step in for a specific task somewhere along the way. Because of my broad experience, I can represent and advise the owner through all aspects of a building project.

Pre Services (establish parameters)

  • Determine scope/nature of services
  • Determine responsibilities of other parties to project
  • Prepare preliminary written list of responsibilities of each party

Services outline (using parameters established in Pre Services)

  • Prepare written outline of responsibilities of the project manager
  • Prepare outline schedule where cooperation with other project parties overlap
  • Determine location at which I will perform my responsibilities as project manager

Potential/possible services (to be listed in written outline)

During predesign
  • Aide in establishing preferred approach to project delivery (Design/Bid, Design/Negotiate construction manage, Design/Build)
  • Prepare or aid in preparation of written request for proposal from design team
  • Research which agencies/entities have regulatory authority
  • Research and document major aspects of regulations that might affect scope of project
  • Aide/advise in selection of designer(s)
  • Aide/administer preparation and signing of design agreement
During Design
  • Preside over meetings/correspondence with client and designer during design phase
  • Review and comment on progress design and construction documents from designer(s) (code compliance, durability, value)
  • Review/recommend construction cost estimates from third party, negotiated contractor or design/builder at end of significant design/construction document milestones
  • In the case of Design/Bid delivery, aid/advise in pre-qualification and/or invitation to potential bidders
  • Aide/administer invitation to bid or finalizing negotiated bid based upon completed construction documents/scope
  • Aide/administer preparation and signing of construction contract
During construction
  • Participate in progress meetings with construction team during construction
  • Document authorized changes in cooperation with client, designer(s) and construction teams
  • Monitor and report on project cost status to client throughout project (establish a floating contingency that is based upon the balance of committed project funds remaining relative to % project is complete)
  • Participate in progress meetings with client and designer during construction
  • Aide/administer/design furniture/fixture/equipment procurement, delivery and installation that is not responsibility of design or construction team
  • Aide/administer completion and closeout of construction including punch list, final payments, operation/maintenance recommendations and collection of warranties
  • Prepare recommended capital asset repair and replacement funding document for all elements of building that will require repeated or occasional repair/replacement beyond routine maintenance for a specified number of years (not to exceed 50 years)
  • Other duties/responsibilities mutually agreed upon
Owner’s Project Representative