Furniture Object

Process (Furniture-Object)

Pre Design (research and establish parameters)

  • Establish purpose/function
  • Determine size limitations or desires
  • Visit space that furniture or object is to be located (in person or via photos or other media)
  • Discuss if furniture or object to complement or stand apart from its surrounding environment
  • Discuss how the furniture or object might reflect the space or customer’s ‘personality’
  • Discuss potential materials, colors and finishes
Chair for a painter concept sketch

Preliminary Design (using parameters established in Pre Design)

  • Concept sketches (plans, elevations, 3-dimensional)
  • Notes on material options
  • To scale concept drawings (including site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, 1 building section)
  • To scale model – optional

headboard-construction-drawing---backDesign Development (to scale but limited detail drawings) – Optional

  • Develop concept sketches into scale drawings (plan, elevation and/or section)
  • Indicate colors/finishes
3 construction documentsConstruction Documents (detailed drawings and specifications that provide buildable ‘instructions’ to fabricator)

  • Comprehensive virtual construction in Fabricator’s speak in graphic and/or written documents
  • Minimal to scale drawings (include plans, all elevations, sections, detail sections)
  • Dimensions and notes including any specifications for materials or finis
Shop-progress-3Bid and Negotiation (Using Construction Documents seek bids or negotiate with single contractor) – Optional

  • Share construction documents with fabricator(s)
  • Respond to questions in oral (clarification), written or graphic format (addendum)
  • Review proposals/bids and recommend action
Construction Administration (review submittals and observe fabrication) – As requested and agreed by client

  • Observe (not direct) fabrication for conformance with construction document intent
  • Review shop drawings/submittals and respond to questions from client and fabricator
  • Visit fabricator shop with client during progress for progress approvals
  • Review contractor payment requests in comparison to work progress
  • Assist with delivery and installation by fabricator to final location of installation
Furniture Object