East Side Center

The East Side Center was originally home of the YMCA in Rockford – back in the day that the YMCA was a social christian based club.

The sketches were multiple options for an addition to enlarge the building onto an adjacent parking lot to allow the then growing Law firm tenant to remain in the building. Each is sympathetic to the original building, whether by material, detail, fenestration or massing. In all four schemes, the original building is ‘bookend’ separated from the addition by a glass walled narrow atrium (left).

Eclectic modern with mix of materials


Brick and stone matching the original

Near replicate above parking

The original – proposed additions would have been to the right (North)

Original building photo

Brick, stone and accents of wood simulating the original


A purely modern approach with fenestration matching proportions of original and internal stair expressed via stepping windows.

White modern

East Side Center