Concierge Services

Some clients desire personalized services where someone is at their side along the journey. During the process I can design, fabricate, manage, accompany and arrange select portions of construction which I have creative and technical passion and personal experience. The following is arranged in the construction specifications institute (CSI) standard format of all aspects of building projects. Concierge services offered are highlighted and may apply to as small as a single piece of furniture to as larger as a whole building project.

1. General Requirements (policies, insurance requirements, permits, etc.)

2. Site Construction (all elements related to site plus selective demolition portion of remodel/retrofit projects)

  • Conceptual landscape plans
  • Accompany on plant/paving selection visits to nurseries, greenhouses and landscape suppliers (including finding Wisconsin Native [pre-Europeon settlement] Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers, Vines and Perennials.

3. Concrete (cast in place and pre fabricated)

  • Arrange and manage application of custom finishes to site cast concrete floors and countertops

4. Masonry

  • Accompany on selection visits to material suppliers/showrooms and fabricators

5. Metals (structural and ornamental)

  • Custom design of ornamental railings, gates, kitchen/bath accessories, furniture and objects of metal
  • Accompany on selection visits to material suppliers and fabricators

6. Wood and plastics (framing and custom millwork and finishes)

  • Custom design of millwork, furniture and other objects of wood
  • Accompany on selection visits to material suppliers/showrooms and fabricators

7. Thermal and moisture protection (water/damp proofing, roofing, siding, insulation, fire proofing)

8. Doors and windows (manufactured, site assembled frame and glazing systems, and door hardware)

  • Accompany on selection visits to material suppliers/showrooms and fabricators

9. Finishes (Interior floor, wall and ceiling finishes)

  • Custom design of tile patterns and other interior ceiling, wall and floor finishes
  • Accompany on selection visits to material suppliers/showrooms and fabricators

10. Specialties (signs, bath/kitchen accessories)

  • Design, fabricate and install custom bath/kitchen accessories
  • Select manufactured bath/kitchen accessories
  • Accompany on selection visits to bath/kitchen accessory suppliers/showrooms

11. Equipment (appliances, food service equipment)

  • Select or make recommendations for appliances
  • Accompany on selection visits to appliance suppliers/showrooms

12. Furnishings (modular cabinetry, window treatment)

  • Design, select, assemble and manage installation of modular cabinetry (I particularly like aspects of IKEA flat packed extensive design options and high quality drawer hardware and hinges) (design may be in 3 dimensional colored images that may be viewed from anywhere with access to the internet)
  • Design and manage fabrication and installation of custom furniture of wood, metal, fabric, glass and stone
  • Manage selection and fabrication of custom drapes and hardware
  • Accompany on selection visits to modular cabinet suppliers/showrooms

13. Special construction (pre-engineered building systems, saunas)

14. Conveying systems (Elevators, lifts, escalators)

15. Mechanical and plumbing (HVAC and plumbing systems, appliances and fixtures)

  • Accompany on selection visits to plumbing fixture suppliers/showrooms

16. Electrical (power, data, security, fire alarm and lighting systems and fixtures)

  • Design and fabricate custom light fixtures
  • Select/recommend manufactured light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Accompany on selection visits to light fixture suppliers/showrooms
  • Select/recommend lamping for highest energy efficiency and desired color rendition
Concierge Services