Clients I Serve

  • Custom home owners (ground up, renovation/retrofits, additions, adaptive reuse)
  • Public and private building owners (existing and new, commercial and industrial)
  • Fellow Architects/Engineers
  • Builders

My Passion and Motivation

  • The pursuit of doing it both better and artfully
  • Partnering with those who value doing it better
  • Playing well

Desired Projects

  • Design of custom residential projects with customers think wholely (perhaps outside the ‘box’)
  • Design of modest commercial/retail projects where quantity does not outweigh quality.
  • Design of furniture that serves a purpose and reflects the personality or long term mission of the customer
  • Building code consultation for customers valuing efficient health, safety and welfare for themselves, their customers, their employees and others who occupy their buildings
  • Passive House consultation for those seeking the highest level of building energy efficiency on Earth (inclusive of building energy modeling, energy balance strategies, advice on building envelope detailing, building systems strategies and selection, lowest lifetime cost analysis)
  • Building energy and envelope assembly consultation for customers concerned about high performing, durable buildings for themselves or their customers.

Ideal Customers and Project Team Members

  • Customers and professionals willing to get their hands dirty in pursuit of best possible within limitations
  • Customers and professionals considering long term impact of their decisions
  • Customers and professionals who are thoughtful and decisive
  • Customers and professionals who understand the need to balance possibilities with the possible
  • Professionals who know what they are good at
  • Professionals with integrity


Clients I Serve