Art – Illustration

Process (Artwork/Illustrations)

Mykanos, GreecePre sketch
(establish parameters/desired outcome

  • Determine size of final image
  • Discuss medium (graphite, ink pen line only, ink pen and colored pencil/pastel/paint)
  • Determine source of image (imagined, actual site visit, photographs of existing building or object
  • Determine type of image (eye level perspective, aerial perspective, axonometric or 2 dimensional)
Dr. PetersonPreliminary sketch (based upon parameters established in Pre sketch)

  •  Rough thumbnail sketch (scan as .pdf or .jpeg for review)
  • Discuss sketch view angle/orientation and surrounding context
Final artwork/Illustration Sample-House-1(based upon parameters and preliminary sketch)

  • Complete original
  • Depending on size, scan or digitally photograph as a .pdf or .jpg file
libraryPost artwork/illustration – Optional

  • Arrange framing by others
  • Deliver and install
  • Ship to distant location
Art – Illustration