Process (Architectural Services) optional value added services in green text

Architectural-Services11Pre Design (research and establish parameters)

  • Determine Jurisdictions having Authority
  • Research and summarize zoning regulations
  • Research and summarize code (building, energy conservation, plumbing, accessibility, etc.)
  • Obtain Site survey of existing conditions (by a state registered surveyor)
  • Prepare existing conditions building drawings from on site surveying
  • Establish building program (space needs – size, view, adjacencies, etc.)
  • Use historic energy use data to establish energy demand per square foot (or other measure)

Architectural-Services-Schematic-Design-imageSchematic Design (using parameters established in Pre Design)

  • Concept sketches (plans, sections, 3-dimensional)
  • Preliminary (outline) specifications
  • To scale concept drawings (including site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, 1 building section)
  • Building model – optional

Calculate Energy Demand with PHPP or WP energy modeling software (using Schematic Design drawings) – OptionalArchitectural Services PHPP 1 page

  • Establish annual energy demand per unit area of building (ft2) or per average number of occupants
  • Provides measurable comparison allowing development of permanent energy demand reduction strategies
  • Provides measurable information used to accurately size energy consuming or producing systems
  • Provides measurable information used to accurately size energy producing/harvesting systems
  • If strategies reduce demand both energy consuming and energy producing/harvesting systems will be smaller in
    size and therefore lower in Initial capital, on-going operating/maintenance, and inevitable replacement cost

Architectural Services Design Development imageDesign Development (further detailed drawings and specification) – Optional

  • Preliminarily select building construction method, assemblies and components
  • Preliminarily select mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and fire protection systems (MEP)

Third-Party-Cost-Estimate-imageThird Party Cost estimate (using Design level documents) – Optional

  • Engage experienced construction cost estimator empowered with historical data on average cost of construction methods, assemblies, components and MEP systems and installation labor/time

Architectural Services Construction Documents imageConstruction Documents (detailed drawings and specifications that provide buildable ‘instructions’ to builder)

  • Comprehensive virtual construction in Builder’s speak in graphic and written documents
  • Minimal to scale drawings (include site plan – by state registered surveyor, foundation plan, floor plans – including structural framing, all exterior elevations, building sections, exterior detail sections)
  • Optional to scale drawings (include interior elevations and details, reflected ceiling/lighting plans, electrical plans, ventilation system plans, heating/cooling plans, interior floor finish plans)
  • More detailed written specifications
  • This phase establishes level of quality to which construction is to be expected
  • This phase is inherently detailed and requires many decisions to be made

Bid/Negotiation (Using Construction Documents seek bids or negotiate with single contractor) – Optional

  • Share construction documents with contractor(s) and suppliers
  • Respond to questions in oral (clarification), written or graphic format (addendum)
  • Review proposals/bids and recommend action
  • Advise on collection of documents from contractor prior to contract commencement

PHIUS+ certification (Using Construction Documents and energy modeling results) – Optional

  • Submit construction documents and energy modeling to Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) for review and comment (pre-certification)
  • Modify/tweak documents and energy modeling based upon PHIUS experience/knowledge based recommendations (pre-certification)
  • Select PHIUS certified Rater/verifier and share comprehensive quality assurance checklists with all to be involved with project and quality assurance  and certification process
  • Coordinate with PHIUS certified Rater/verifier and PHIUS through course of construction to completion, prepare and submit all appropriate quality assurance documents to PHIUS, USEPA and USDOE
  • Final/actual building energy modeling by inputting actual final measured results
  • Obtain and display certifications from PHIUS+, Energy Star v3 and USDOE challenge Home.

Construction Administration (review submittals and observe construction) – As requested and agreed

  • Observe (not direct) construction for conformance with construction documents
  • Respond to requests for information (RFI’s) from client, contractors and suppliers/fabricators
  • Review shop drawings/submittals from material suppliers and component fabricators
  • Review contractor payment requests in comparison to work progress
  • Protect client’s interest in maintaining quality to level established in construction documents

Post construction (gather and present information to be used for future reference) – Optional

  • Prepare capital replacement schedule and cost summary for elements that will require replacement
  • Monitor actual building energy consumption for not less than one year
  • Obtain/organize information for materials and equipment that will require routine maintenance

Concierge Services (personal services for clients seeking special attention)

  • Design, manage and execute select portions of project which I have personal experience coupled with creative, technical and passionate interest
  • See concierge services