Projects can be complex involving many different goals, parameters and desires. When serving my customers, I think about many aspects simultaneously, because, I believe they all matter. I am as passionate about highest performance, durability and regulation compliance as I am about creative aesthetics and long term cost effectiveness.

My work inherently requires me to use both artistic/creative, technical/accuracy skills. It is possible to approach each project with the belief it is possible to do better.

In the words of Mark Twain
“Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

“Do right and you will be conspicuous.”

“Do right for your own sake and be happy in knowing that your neighbor will certainly share in the benefits resulting.”

Broad experience brings my ability to think holistically. My customers are as varied as they could be. Each individual or group has different passions. What is most important to one, may be less important to another.


  • I have experience with commercial and industrial building projects
  • I have experience with custom single family residential projects
  • I have experience with new construction projects
  • I have experience with historic preservation projects of Nationally registered buildings
  • I have experience with adaptive reuse of existing building
  • I am familiar with many methods of construction
  • I have experience as Architect, builder (for my own projects), owner’s project representative and building code official


  • I am passionate about the pursuit of artistic solutions
  • I have designed in the context of existing historic (including National, State and locally registered) buildings
  • I have designed adaptive reuse projects that combine memories of their past with ideas of the present
  • I have designed new buildings and furniture that are a reflection of the present


  • I am a licensed Architect (States of Illinois and Wisconsin)
  • I am a Certified Passive House Consultant (Passive House Institute US) (the lowest building energy demand standard on Earth)
  • I am a Certified Building Official (International Code Council)
  • I pursue continuing education as required for maintenance of licensures and certifications


  • I am passionate about the pursuit of better results
  • I value craftsmanship in design, fabrication and construction
  • I believe the process is what leads to the end result


  • I have chosen to be a sole proprietor so my customers can communicate directly with me
  • I have chosen to work on projects that are within my expertise and passion

Passion, experience, knowledge and credentials combined provide the ability to provide my customers thoughtful comprehensive services and beautiful, high quality, purposeful end results.